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Best of 2019 Most Popular Web Development Tools

Gone are the days when websites and web development just used for the web address of any company, but now most of the company taking it seriously for their brand identity and awareness. Web development is grown up as an essential thing for every entrepreneur, that’s why most of the web development demands for something out of the box. The sea of the Internet is now full of websites some are beautiful, some of them are classy and rest are internet jargon.

To sustain in the crowded website area, one must be unique and user-friendly, this also demands dedicated web developers. The insane values indicate most web development company and solo web developers make striving efforts to make the best out of it. Thus, the developer community randomly searching for latest web development tools.

Every year there are thousands of new web development tools came to play appear and disappear game on the internet. Using every tool for just testing purpose never make sense to us. That’s why we come up with this piece of content, in this article, we are listing top 5 web development tools 2019 with the pros and cons.

Being a leading web development company USA, we are very much acquainted about the latest web development tools of 2019. There are many advantages to using web development tools for crafting futuristic websites. To always ahead of the curve, one must use the tools that are latest, best, and robust.

There are many tools that claim for the best web development but as we all know, all roads lead to Rome. On a lighter note, most of the tools are just copied from the previous one, thus, they are not useful for the developers. So we would like to confirm that we are only listing those web development tools that are unique, valuable, worth for money, and above all valuable for the developers.

A major part of growing as a team of web developers and designers is the communication with officemates, project management to kills deadlines. Most web development company and individual web developers are found interesting to organize their project for better workflow. Some of the most popular web development tools are Slack, Postman, Trello, and BitBucket. Here is the list of the 2019 most popular web development tools.

2019 Most Popular Web Development Tools

  • Slack
  • Draw.IO
  • Trello
  • Redash
  • Postman
  • BitBucket
  • Zapier
  • All In One Messenger

Top 5 Most Popular Web Development Tools 2019

Tools in any subjects mean for easier the task similar to the web development tools.  Every web development company or solo developers should look for interesting tools that can be a simplified task, organize the project, gives an easy way to communicate with teams. To get the best idea about the latest tools and technicalities, we have to dive into the depths.


First and foremost for the web developer is building communication. Slack is one of the best communication tools for the web development company, it offers alluring features like multiple channels, create or join rooms, videos embedding, and integration. It is one of the astounding tools for internal communicating with team members about goals, issues, meeting, and other stuff like a cup of coffee.

The reason that makes it stand out from the other chat tools is its versatility in features. On the first note, one can mistake that this tool can only use for internally project discussion with team members. You can also make the best out of it by using Slack for different perspectives of your company like development, campaign, design, BD sales, and so on.

There is a contradiction about the limitation of Slack, most of the developers mistook that Slack is only for the company having a team of developers. But in reality, it can be useful for the individual developer too. A solo developer can use it to real-time communication with the clients.

Slack offers a rich conversation with catering emojis, embedded videos, chats. Above all, it’s very easy to find out any message from the chat, because all messages are well indexed. It also offers customization to inject 3rd party tool from Slack’s marketplace or you can make it yourself any custom features. In concise, it is a good alternative to email communication.

How To Make the Best Out of Slack

  • Try integrations or 3rd party tools in Slack marketplace for custom use.  
  • To make proper use of Slack, try to create different rooms for divers works.  
  • For more productivity and quick response, you can learn from keyboards shortcuts. 
  • Create your own custom integration for push notification, invite new member, subscribe and more.


As you have a great tool for discussing and brainstorming on ideas, it’s time to start the project. The first word that ping in every web developers minds while starting of any website is Prototyping. The design part is feeding the elements in the new age of web developers, but they stuck to figure out the best way of drawing Mockups and prototyping. Draw.IO is the best tool to make it happen in this list.

It is a very useful tool in terms of crafting mock-ups, prototyping and architecture design. The benefits of using Draw.IO is it’s sharing capabilities. Actually, Draw.IO offers as an add-on for Google drive, thus, it gives all the sharing option that enables with Google Drive. Cool, isn’t it?

It has pre-install elements that craft in blocks and design component. With using all component, it easy to design mock-ups, prototyping instantly. The templates make the design easy for developers. All in all, Draw.IO make it very easy for developers to design prototyping and mock-ups for designing process and view before coding them. It also supports sketch and inserts charts for better wireframing.


Now the clock goes at the project management tool, the Trello comes first in mind. Trello is a task or project management tool for managing workflow and task. The best thing about Trello is an easy user interface that allows developers to organize their tasks and play with the deadlines. It is also useful for managing the task for an individual like they can manage their daily workflow to concentrate on coding, blogs, marketing plan, assignment.

It is one of the best tools for task scheduling that perfectly fit for a team of 10 developers or solo developer. It offers task labeling, task scheduling, attachments, task assignments, and set priorities. It has everything to make anybody productive on work or workout with using alluring task scheduling setups. One more productive tool called Toggl that allow timer for focusing on the real task.

If any developer or team of developers find it very mundane to sustain the workflow and remain productive, then Trello is the perfect solution. The only disadvantage of this web development tools is a limitation on member limits. It only allows up to 10 members in a project to use Trello, thus, a web development company or team more than 10 members, do not find Trello to goes with.

Trello is owned by Atlassian which owns Jira, Hipchat, and BitBucket all are very useful products for developers. Bitbucket is also a useful tool for a distributed version control system to communicate with the team.


If you all set for the deploy production and stuck in handling databases for collecting data, Redash is the right source to handle it. Redash is an open-source tool for organizing data and visuals in a compact way. Redash allows developers or any individuals to generate to track goal and stay updated with the team members.

The advantages of using Redash is real-time tracking on all the changes, also one can create alerts for actively warning about important changes in the project. The integration with all the popular data source is also a big beneficial thing. It offers integration with data sources like MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch and so on.

You can also compile all the metrics with Slack automatically and collaborate with team members. As mentioned Slack gives a platform to communicate with team members, with Redash you can track progress, get insights of your team members.


It is the most popular web development tools of 2019 for sending the HTTP request to either local or global server with any aspect. Sometimes, it seems complex to manage different clients, monitor different entities, and several test inputs, so Postman gets attention for making all the task easier.

Actually, Postman is an application compatible with the Chrome offers a dedicated dashboard for sending HTTP requests and analyze the response with any header, parameters, and authentication you need. This tool catering astounding GUI (Graphical User Interface) and sharing the API with the team members.

Other Popular Web Development Tools of 2019


Zapier is one of the most popular tools in terms of making spreadsheets, managing APIs, and a lot more. It’s true that many of us stumble to the integration with API for any marketing campaign. Zapier makes all things easier for you, it moves info between web apps automatically by integrating approx 1500+ apps including Slack and Trello.

As mentioned Zapier enables more than 1500 third-party apps such as various sharing apps, Google product, and communication apps. Some popular app that collabo with Zapier is Google Docs, Google spreadsheet, Facebook, Dropbox, Trello, and of course Slack. All in all, every web development company or any individual web developer must have Zapier.

All In One Messenger

This tool comes with magical productivity output by reducing the burden of using multiple chatting app. It is mundane to control multiple communication and organize all of them in a similar time, A Chrome application has it’s easier solutions. It’s useful for one who kept dealing with numerous chatting rooms application.

Actually, there are dozens of popular communication app and we have to stay active on all of them such as Whatsapp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and so on. To stay connected with all channels and chat rooms, All-in-one messenger app by Chrome offers a platform to collecting all communicating channels in one place.

In A Nutshell

Every web developer or any web development company always ready to elevate their skill for better output. The best way to upgrade skill is to settling your task in a proper way by using web development tools. The above list is just rendering the reflection on popular web development tools 2019, no offense if your favorite tool couldn’t make the place in this list.

We discussed on several web development tools such as Slack for communication, Trello for project management, Draw.IO for prototyping, Postman for HTTP requests and Redash for organizing data. There are many other popular web development tools that buzzing around the internet this year such as BitBucket, All-In-One Messenger, and Zapier.

If you are looking for the perfect web solution partner that ensures you for futuristic web development, then Acquaint SoftTech is the best source. We are a leading web development company USA, that’s why we always playing with the latest web development tools. Our vast portfolio cites our success in crafting the best web solution for profitable and productive.

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